Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I have.... been pushing myself and my abilities far.... too hard lately.

I am so weak from releasing so much psychic energy and kinetic force that I..... I.... barely have the energy to move my hands to push.... the keys on my keyboard.

Like super-hero Super-Man, my powers are generated by the rays of our yellow sun. So when I have strained my psychic capabilities to their maximum and feel drained of my powers, what do I do? I crawl on hands and knees into my garden, I surround myself with hundreds of spoons and I lie on them.

The sun's light then shines down thousands of miles onto each spoon, and their metallic entities refract the energy back onto my body. And what happens? I am energised with every minute that passes. But I must be careful, because last time the process took longer than normal and I was very badly sunburned.

Until the next time.... love, peace and positive energy,