Sunday, 13 February 2011


This is a landmark day for me and indeed for the modern world in general. For today I am in Toronto, Canada at the headquarters of BlackBerry to launch my very first smartphone app.

"Uri, this is fantastic news" I can telepathically hear you all think to yourselves.

"Please tell us more information so that we may find out the useful purpose of the app and how we can download it to our phones without haste".

Thank you for your interest, I would be more than happy to.....

The groundbreaking iGELLER app is an essential tool for everyday life which builds a digital bridge between the telekinetic and telecommunication domains.

As a fan of mine you will no doubt already know that under international psychic law, one (you) cannot be classed as a professional spoonbender until you (one) have bent precisely one million spoons.

The purpose of the iGELLER app centres around an in-built telepathic counter which tallies each spoon that the individual bender bends. This allows amateur psychokinetics to keep adding to their score via thought-transference, by simply closing their eyes and beaming the image of a horizontal mark onto their smartphone screen. But for added convenience there is also a manual option.

The app can be purchased from the online BlackBerry store at the incredible price of $0.99 (£0.69).

Each app also comes with a compulsory special edition URI GELLER - POSITIVE THOUGHT PEBBLE ® for only an additional $499 (£369). It is the perfect gift for Christmas! Happy downloading and good luck to you all.

Until the next time.... love, peace and positive energy,