Saturday, 30 June 2012


If it is possible to get high from the natural force of positive energy, then today I am bouncing off the clouds like a rubber eagle.

It is the 'Annual Australian Uri Geller Fan Club Convention 2012' day event in Melbourne, and there is so much positivity and love in the arena that I cannot help but smile when I think of the number of tickets and merchandise that has already been sold.

Here I am with my fans during a key lecture. Everyone is welcome at the convention as long as they are female, young, attractive and preferably blonde. You may also notice a couple of men and older ladies who somehow managed to get past security, but they were later removed and escorted off the premises with their minds hypnotically wiped.

For those of you who are not female, young, attractive, blonde and therefore unable to attend, here is the day's programme of events:

09.00 - 09.02 BRIEF WELCOME GREETING - from Uri Geller

09.02 - 13.00 SPOONBENDING FOR BEGINNERS - with Uri Geller (spoons not provided)

13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH - not with Uri Geller (spoons provided)

14.00 - 18.00 ADVANCED SPOONBENDING - with Uri Geller (ladles not provided)

18.00 - 05.30 MANDATORY PHOTOGRAPH SESSION WITH URI GELLER - (£55.00 per person. Queue refreshments not provided)

Everybody is having a lot of fun so far, and I am sure I will too before the end of the day.

Until the next time.... love, peace and positive energy,