Friday, 25 January 2013


Today I am at a meeting to discuss a very exciting potential collaboration with popular French spoonbalancer; Flash Roux.

Flash rose to fame by winning the 2011 final of television show 'La France Possessé Incrédible Talent'. This was no surprise since he blew judges Dénis de Fumer, Pascal Chambre and Céline Piscine away with his very first audition, when he balanced a total of 248 spoons on his horizontal face.

As I watched more and more of Flash's imaginative performances on the Youtubes, I realised that we should team up to create the ultimate spoon-based live performance show. Flash is a supremely talented spoonbalancer.... I am obviously the world's most well-loved spoonbender.... it is a match made in Heaven. But it will probably take place in Las Vegas.

Here are 'Geller & Roux' practising initial thoughts for the opening routine.
It involves Flash balancing a tablespoon on the bridge of his nose, flicking it up into the air towards me, so I can pinch the handle between my thumb and forefinger, bend it to a boomerang shape, throw it into the audience and then catch it once it returns. There have already been 14 eye injuries in rehearsals, but we think if audience members have the option of purchasing 'Geller & Roux' branded eye defenders for $50, the potential for blindness will be greatly reduced.

Until the next time.... love, peace and positive energy,