Saturday, 17 November 2012


I am about to conduct a very special psychic experiment, the first of its kind, in the garden of my holiday villa on the Geller Islands.

I consider myself a friend to all living things.... from humans to tigers, to elephants, to bed bugs, to beetles, to swans, to giraffes, to polar bears, to cats, to snails, to whales, to lizards, to birds, to horses, to dogs, to rabbits, to turtles, to sheep, to chimpanzees, to frogs, to zebras, to owls, to foxes, to pandas, to wolves, to pigs, to fleas, to seals, to jellyfish, to dogs, to goats, to eagles, to chickens, to orangutans, to meerkats, to snakes, to kangaroos, to badgers, to starfish, to ponies, to parrots, to lions, to stick insects, to guinea pigs, to rats, to leopards, to koala bears, to cows, to penguins, to rhinos, to bees, to mice, to donkeys, to wolves, to otters, to crocodiles, to moths, to squirrels, to warthogs, to budgies, to prawns, to beavers, to flies, to gorillas, to panthers, to sharks, to flamingos, to hippos, to deer, to duck-billed platypus, to raccoons, to cockroaches, to camels, to hedgehogs, to bats and crabs.... and since I was a boy my desire has been to establish a psychic link between the human and animal community, so that our species can work together to make a better world.

My 'Geller-Goal' is to start small at first, by using the psychic powers and abilities I possess to create a mind connection with the many thousands of earthworms beneath the garden surface. Once a connection is made, I will mentally lock on to it and shout "COME! COME! COME! COME!...... COME!" at the ground. The waves transferring from both mind and mouth will slowly permeate through the earth and encourage the worms towards the surface.

As you can see, I have positioned a plank of wood at the soil surface. This acts as a 'Welcome Bridge' from their world to ours, and is attached to an entire network of planks which lead into my home. Once the thousands of earthworms climb on, I will mentally coax them inside and around my kitchen table, and from there we will begin telepathic talks on 'Stage II: How To Unite Humans & The Entire Animal Kingdom To Bring A Better Tomorrow'.

Until the next time.... love, peace and positive energy,